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Basel El Maqousi - Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae 
He is inclined to deal with colors and the painting. He had many different artistic experiences since 1995 after he graduated in Arts program in Young Men Christian Association – Gaza. He works hardly to develop his tools which made him able to deal with the modern painting. He shared many international events starting from "Arts House" in AmmanJordan in which he achieved his personality in his painting. He also worked as a photographer because he can see the things in new look. He took many photos of his living environment. His last photographic innovation was "Children and Fantasy" which is inspired to the family atmosphere in which he lives.


Professional Photographer

As plastic artist I can see things in new look

Take many photos of the environment in Gaza Strip

One of the photographic innovations was "Children and Fantasy" which is inspired to the family and atmosphere.

Participating as photographer in local, national and international exhibitions.



2000 – 2001 – 2003 Participant at September Academy for fine art – Khaled Shoman association for arts with the supervision of professor Merwan kassab Bashi (High Art AcademyBerlin)


1999  Present Art teacher in Jabalya Rehabilitation Society Teaching art to deaf Children 

1994 – 1995    Study fine art at the YMCA – Gaza

2002    Training course on TV filming and editing at the Islamic University / Gaza 

            Active member at the Palestinian Fine art league – Ram allah


Training and workshops - Other activities:

2006   Workshop with children in Gaza by Sabreen and UNESCO

2006   modern art workshop, funded by NPA and modern art association - Gaza         

2006   Modern art trainer at Al Aqsa University in Gaza .

2006   Art Therapy for group of children in Kanaan Association in Gaza, this training was conducted in cooperation with Sabreen Society.

2005 workshop on photography "I'm Gaza, Gaza I'm"

2005 video art workshop (picture and picture) Gaza

2003 Facilitator and participant at “The Artists have Another Opinion”

fine Art Workshop” Organized by Culture Centers Union + UNDP

2002 participant at “12 X 2” fine art workshop at Craft and Fine Art

Village - Gaza


Private exhibition:

2006   Photos exhibition at Gaza Gallery EL Mena (publishing Prohibited)

2006   video art at Gaza Gallery EL Mena ( TV NO SIGNAL )

2006    video art at Gaza Gallery EL Mena ( PROHIBITED )

2005    video art at Gaza Gallery EL Mena ( BIRTH CERTIFICATE )

2004   video art at Gaza Gallery EL Mena ( PLAN )

2005 “A present TO Marwan” at Arts & Crafts, Village/ Gaza

2002 “A moment of Faith” at Khalil Al-Sakakini center – Rammallah


Group exhibitions:

2007     Photos Exhibition ( The Visible and the Invisible ) at Le Centre culturel franco-allemand de Ramallah   

2006    Benaly Tahran - Iran

2003 -2004 - 2006 Arab plastic artist exhibition – Cairo, Aswan, Alexandria 

2000 -2001 -2003 -2004 “September Academy exhibition” at Daret Alfonon – Khaled Shoman association – Jordan

2005    Zeitgeit Gallery in Boston, December 6th  

2005    Exhibition sponsored by Arab Students' Club at M.I.T. Boston December

2003    “Windows from Gaza” Alkattan Center- Ramallah + Al-Salam Center- Bet Lahem + Alwasiti Center- Jerusalem

2003    Exhibition and Auction at the ambassador Hotel- Jerusalem

2002    “Merwan Kasab Bashi students exhibition” at Daret Alfonon – Khaled Shoman association – Jordan

2002    “Art Across Borders” a touring exhibition in the USA

2001    “Jerusalem exhibition for the Intefada” fine artists league – Jordan

2001    “With You” Palestinian Red Crescent - Egypt

2001    Benaly Alshareka

2001    “We Will Be” Palestinian Red Crescent - Gaza

2000    “Jerusalem in the eyes of the artists” Dar El-Karama- Ramallah

2000    “2 X 12” Craft and Fine Art village- Gaza

1997 -1999 -2000       “Afaak” YMCA-Gaza


Name: Basel S. Al Maqousi

Address: GazaPalestine

Date of birth: 1971

Mobile: 00.972.59.9781.227

Basel El Maqousi
Basel El Maqousi
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