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Mohammed Joha - Curriculum Vitae


Place & Date of Birth: Gaza, Palestine, 1978.

Lives as professional artist between, Gaza-Rome-Paris-Norway.

2005- Member of   Window's From Gaza for Contemporary Art.

2009- Member of Oslo Art Online Gallery for Contemporary arts,

                2004-“artist of the year”Hassan Hourani Young Artist Award.A,M,Q,foundation.

2003-       2003- Khalid Showman Summer Academy (Daret Al Fonuon) - Jordan, Amman.

2003- B.A. Degree in “Art Education” holder Al Aqsa University –Palestine, Gaza.


Solo Exhibitions.

2009-“Art Behind the News”, Eine WeltHaus, Minchin – Germany.”Duo”

2008-“IN X OUT”, Cite Internationale Des Art, Paris, France”Duo”

2007-“The Shade and Others Shade” Horti Lamiani - Bettivo Gallery, Rome-Italy,”Duo

2007-“Arts under the conflict” La Tenda Gallery, Modena – Italy “Duo”    

2007-“Un Place”, Santa Maria Della Pieta Gallery, Rome – Italy.

2006-"Burned Dolls” National Museum of art’s) Luigi pigorini, Rome- Italy”Duo”

2006-“Burned Dolls” Al Mina Gallery- Gaza- Palestine.

2005-“Tales”, Cite Internationale Des Arts, Paris –France.

2005,06-“The Cage”, French Cultural Center Gaza, Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Nablus.

2004-“Clothes Line” A,M,Q, Foundation, Ramallah - Palestine

2003-“Flower Poets –Stories”, Khalil el Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah”Duo”




Collective Exhibitions,


2009-“GAZA À MORLAIX France. Protéine.

2009-“Tribute to Jerusalem”, windows from Gaza for contemporary arts gallery, Gaza.

2009-“Gaza 63-Seoul 59”, Seoul, Southern Korea.
2008-"Color Siege"Windows from Gaza for Contemporary arts, rashad Shawa Cultural Center,Gaza.
2008-“Five artists from Gaza”, Islamic cultural center. Paris – France.

2005-“The Peace and Freedom Promise”, Video Art, Paris – France.

2002-“12x2” Arts and Crafts Village, Gaza – Palestine.

2003-“The earth mud” Palestine bank, Gaza.

Mohammed Joha
Mohammed Joha
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